What to Get a Kids Yoga Teacher for the Holidays?

colourful christmas image of bells and santa with words what to get a kids yoga teacher for christmas

Christmas present shopping can be hard when you are not quite sure what a person needs.  So today’s blog is a gift list with a twist.  It’s filled with cool things I think anyone bringing yoga to children would want.  Since most of the people reading this newsletter teach children yoga in one way or… Read More →

Easy Breathing Activities for Kids Yoga

Breathe In the Big Me

Picture a classroom full of young students, some eager to move and learn while others remain nervous or disinterested. A kids yoga teacher asks the kids to sit still and close their eyes, and when they are ready, the teacher reveals a bubble wand and soap. While this simple prop introduction may sound insignificant, it promotes a safe and engaging environment while teaching incredibly relevant lessons.

5 Kids Yoga Activities to Enhance Your Camps this Summer

Kids Mandala Workshop Meditation and Yoga Presentation, kids hold up the mandalas they created with coloured ink and stampers

It’s summer!  Which means kids yoga camps and time to try fresh ideas that you just don’t have time to try in a regular class. I’m planning a summer camp right now.  It’s 18 hours of kids yoga over 5 days in our Kids Yoga Teacher – Summer Certification.  So going through my resources and… Read More →

6 Tips from 6 Kids Yoga Teacher Training Weekends

There are 6 modules in the kids yoga teacher summer certification

To give you an idea of what you get, I offer these 6 Tips on teaching yoga to kids. One tip from each of 6 weekends of Kids Yoga Teacher Training with a Registered Childrens Yoga School.

Teachers Doubting their Legitimacy, The Risks and Rewards of Kids Yoga Teacher Training, and a Mandala Meditation to Centre You Through It All

Kids Mandala Workshop Meditation and Yoga Presentation, kids hold up the mandalas they created with coloured ink and stampers

Kids Yoga teacher training risks and rewards and the legitimacy of different trainings. Plus pictures from our Kids Mandala workshop with great ideas for children’s yoga camp.

Fantastic 15 Minute Bedtime Routine for Children or Adults

Yoga bedtime routine for children

Let’s face it, no matter what your age, there are times when it’s hard to fall asleep. Add in the anxiety that comes with the first day of school, for students, parents, or teachers, and your bedtime routine can make the difference between a bright and chipper morning or feeling like cranky old so-and-so.  So… Read More →

What Kids Silently Worry About


I found this drawing by a student who was probably about eight when she drew it. She’s well into high school by now. It’s a picture of her “Worry Tree.” During relaxation we imagined a big tree where we put all our worries before we enter into our relaxation garden. She’s got a long list of worries. It may surprise you to see the kind of things that worry this kid.

Out Of The Workshop And On To The Mat

Mom and Daughter Yoga - with Genera and Soleil

Today’s guest post is from Genera O’Reilly who attended my Kids Yoga Teacher Training last February 2011. Genera’s been teaching adult yoga for years, but found she’s “a novice in the world of teaching yoga to children.” Find out what happens after the training, when she takes kids yoga out of the workshop and on to the mat. That’s her beautiful daughter Soleil in the pictures.