Transforming the Life of “That One Child”

Kids Yoga makes a difference for this one teacher who brings yoga to kids with special needs to help deal with lonliness and isolation.

There is always “that one child.” All the children run exuberantly across the field, all but one. Alone in the field, perhaps just standing there, looking at the sky, the clouds, or perhaps even running the opposite way from the others. All of us teachers of children, many of us parents, have most likely had that child in our…

When Questions Backfire and Kids Yoga Teachers Mature

Teaching Yoga in the Practicum of the New Orleans Kids Yoga Teacher Certification

It’s not unusual to use questions to engage kids in yoga and let them show you what they know. It’s a common kids yoga teacher training tip. I remember two instances this summer, during our Kids Yoga Teacher Certification, when questions kind of backfired with similar surprising results.

What You Need to Know About Physical Literacy for Kids Yoga

global obesity 2008 and physical literacy

The world has achieved a lot when it comes to Literacy. According to UNESCO, the 2010 global literacy rate was around 84% among adults and 90% among youth. It’s impressive that the vast majority of people on earth can read. We value literacy. It’s considered a basic human right. But around the world there’s another… Read More →

Free Mother’s Day Yoga Printable and New Courses

mom acrostic poem for kids yoga class

Is it just me, or does it seem that the older we get the more we appreciate mom? With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to honour these ladies in some big or small way, and here’s a Freebie that just may help. Acrostic Poems and Yoga Remember Acrostic Poems? You write a word or… Read More →

Happy Family Yoga in Pictures and the Free Online Healthy Kids Summit

happy family yoga presentatin in the healthy kids summit

Family yoga is an antidote to the rushing and organizing that goes on in family life. If you’re a busy mom looking for ways to integrate healthy living into your family consider the Healthy Kids Virtual Summit, March 30th – April 20th 2015. To register for this FREE event, CLICK HERE