3 Quick Attention-Getters – Now Share Your Favorite

a boy smiling after doing a downward dog tunner

It’s handy to have a few quick attention-getters for those moments when your yoga class is getting excited, maybe even too excited. I have used many different tricks over the years, I like to change it up to keep it interesting for the kids and myself. So here are 3 of my current favorites. Please […]

Announcing… 2 New Fast, Fun, Professional RCYS Summer Certifications

Kids Yoga Teachers in warrior pose outside at the Kids yoga teacher summer certification intensive rcys

If you are considering getting your Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate, I highly recommend the Summer Certification experience. You’ll immerse yourself in a place where yoga is embraced and life is celebrated. Your spirit will be forever changed.

When to Throw your Lesson Plan out the Window in Kids Yoga

A teacher points to the row of children doing downward dog forming a tunnel after a child has bumped her head.

You’ve probably been there before. You’ve prepared a fun and inspirational kids yoga class, to find out that it’s probably not going to work. Despite all the Ways Themed Lesson Plans can help in Kids Yoga, there are times I recommend you scrap your lesson plan for something even better! Ditch Your Lesson Plan When […]

5 Ways to Use Themed Lesson Plans in Kids Yoga

As kids yoga teachers get to know the children and they get to know you, you can build on themes each yoga class

Who doesn’t love themes? It’s fun to dress in green for St. Patrick’s Day, put out spooky decorations for Halloween, and let kids pick heart shaped affirmations on Valentine’s Day. Here are some benefits you may not have thought of when you plan a lesson around a theme.  The pictures in this article are all […]

How to Give a Quote for Teaching Kids Yoga

How to Give a Quote for Teaching Kids Yoga

We don’t usually picture a yogi carrying a briefcase and using a calculator.  The business of yoga is a whole new skill for most yoga teachers. It was for me, there are still times I have to remind myself to think like a business person as well as a yogi. So it is not surprising […]

Teachable Moments: The Story of the Teacher and The Student

Summer Certification Kids Yoga 2015

A Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Story A student once asked a teacher, “How do I learn best?” Without hesitation, the teacher said to the student, “Teach!” So the student became a teacher.   The teacher then asked a student, “How do I teach you best?” Without hesitation, the student said to the teacher, “Learn!” […]

Winter Solstice Giveaway

yoga pose wearing toe talk socks

Today is Winter Solstice so lets celebrate that darkness is removed by an increasing light. Solstice became a special time for me back in 1995 when I wandered into my first yoga class at the YMCA. I loved it and signed up for a yoga retreat called Summer Solstice in New Mexico the same year.  […]

Great Yoga Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Yoga Alphabet Pictures ABC

If you’re stuck for a gift this holiday season, share your Yoga Love with these gift recommendations for kids and adults including books, iPad apps, and more!

Namaste and Kids – Book Giveaway

book cover of Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste

Today we have a super special guest reviewer.  Her name is Charlotte Marron and she’s reviewing Mama Yoga and the Story of Namaste by Susanna Stratford. Charlotte is 10 years old and has been doing yoga with Young Yoga Masters for about 3 years.  She’s a wonderful yogi and teacher, you’ll see in her book […]

Your Chance to Win: Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters


The Night Before Yoga… Twas the 31st of October When ghouls and goblins came out to play And kids of all ages Saw a unique pumpkin on display. “Hey look,” said one kid “A yoga pumpkin!” he’d shout The pumpkin was lit With five yoga poses cut out. “I know that pose,” said a child […]