Kids Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Alphabet and Teacher Training Manual

Introducing The Frog Yoga Alphabet and Teacher Training Manual

Kids Yoga that Works – Kids Yoga that You’ll Use for Years

Let the Children Learn and Teach Others with the Yoga Alphabet

The Frog Yoga Alphabet and Teacher Training Manual is a downloadable ebook designed to transform kids though yoga and literacy. Use it to introduce safe and fun yoga poses, games, and activities to children of all ages.  The alphabet helps children tell stories.  The yoga helps children get calm, focused, and healthy.

Designed to Make Yoga Fun, but more Importantly Effective

This training has it all:

  • Part One: The Frog Yoga Alphabet – A – Z Yoga, that’s 26 poses, that help kids learn the English Alphabet, promote literacy, and get moving with yoga.
  • Part Two:  Teacher Training Manual – warm-ups, yoga for the classroom, games, and activities.
  • Printable Teacher Training:The printable digital format puts these resources at your fingertips, so you can give them freely to children for years and years to come.

    Give your kids a “Thank You” letter to color at the end of class and you’ll also remind them when the next session starts.

About Part One: The Frog Yoga Alphabet:

Kids Yoga Aplphabet Frog Yoga

Frog Yoga Alphabet

Get An Amazing Yoga Alphabet for Kids Yoga, Reading, and Storytelling

The Frog Yoga Alphabet takes children on a journey through 26 yoga poses. Each pose is child friendly and has been chosen with safety in mind. Here’s what The Kids Yoga Alphabet gives you:

  • A – Z Color Yoga Poses – 26 bright colorful yoga poses chosen with children’s health and safety in mind.
  • Black and White Coloring Pages - keep kids occupied and learning by coloring the poses themselves.
  • Pose Guide for Teaching - Easy to follow instructions and safety tips for each pose.
  • Full Page and Card Size – Each yoga pose can be printed on a full page or a quarter page which makes them great for showing to a class or using as yoga cards.

Each letter come in color, black and white, and teaching version.

About Part Two: Teacher Training Manual

The Frog Yoga Alphabet  Teacher Training Manual gives you tons of games and activities to help children discover the joy of healthy active living, reading, writing, storytelling and more.

Kids Frog Yoga Alphabet Teacher Training Manual

Teacher Training Manual

Recommended for: yoga teachers, school teacher, Early Childhood Educators, therapists, teachers of children with special needs, specialists, parents, all those who work with children and all those who care about children’s health.

The Teacher Training Manual includes:

  • Introduction: How to Teach Yoga to Children.
  • Preparing Your Space.
  • 10 x Five Minute Yoga Warm Ups.
  • 14 Yoga Poses for the Aisle or Chair.
  • 9 Alphabet and Yoga Activities and Games for the classroom, living room, or studio.

Pages from the Yoga Teacher Training Manual

Perfect for Parents, Teachers and Those Who Love Kids

The Frog Yoga Alphabet and Teacher Training Manual is for those who want to inspire children, especially if:

    • You’ve just started introducing yoga to children and want some fun activities that are guaranteed to get kids attention,
    • You want to give the kids something to take with them to remember their yoga time with you.
    • You’ve been teaching for a while and want a resource that can’t get damaged or stolen because you can print it again and again whenever you want.

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About the Author and the Artist:

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

Yes! Energy ~ The Birth Of Frog Yoga Alphabet

Step into the world of Frog Yoga Alphabet creator Aruna Kathy Humphrys and your central nervous system will rejoice in a soothing Ahhhh as you immerse in a field of Yes! Energy. When the kids in her classes asked if they could keep her 3-D yoga props, Aruna answered with a resounding “Absolutely you can!” She invented Frog Yoga Alphabet as an accessible, inexpensive solution.

Since their conception, her digital products remain well-received by teachers, moms and kids worldwide because their content (and re-usability) are consistently tested, torn, and enthusiastically chewed to the bone by Young Yoga Masters. She’s taught yoga to hundreds of kids in Canadian public schools and daycare centers.

Aruna is the author of Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Teacher Training and Games Manual, and the award-winning Young Yoga Masters blog (the world’s first blog covering kids yoga exclusively). A certified yoga instructor since 1998, she has over 200 testimonials from happy adult clients for her Kids Yoga Teacher Training, a Registered Children’s Yoga School. Once upon a time Aruna lived in an Ashram for six years. Now she lives in Ontario, Canada, and enjoys singing, ukulele playing and technology.

Artist – Brant Mawdsley

“Let’s tell stories!”  Brant Mawdsley, Illustrator, Frog Yoga Alphabet

Personal Connection ~ Kids Love The Frog Yoga Alphabet Characters

Illustrator Brant Mawdsley began drawing at the age of two. Not surprisingly, he completed Frog Yoga Alphabet drawings in two afternoons. Pictures of humans in various yoga poses served as his models. Brant says kids of all ages have a universal love for frogs; using people drawings wouldn’t be near as interesting. He grins every time one of his ‘colored in’ frogs from a Young Yoga Master arrives in the mail.

A self-described gentleman with a sharp wit and an eye for justice, Brant has no patience whatsoever for crime, bullying, snobs, authorities who abuse their power, drugs, lying, cheating, backstabbing, racism, sexism and unnecessary suffering.

The artist’s passion is writing and drawing heroic stories. His current cartoon series Shadow Ninja-Crimes Worst Nightmare! stars villains Gossip King, Ciggy, Big Bully, Prankster, Drunken Phantom, Candyman, and Cheerleader. “There’s a personal connection to the stories,” says Brant, “They’re based on real-life issues and kids have a right to know about these things.”

Brant lives in Orillia Ontario, Canada, has a girlfriend, practices martial arts, and is illustrating a client’s new book. He says his Aspergers Syndrome is “a form of autism in which I do things by memory and focus on one topic only.” [Sounds like mindfulness to us. ~ Young Yoga Masters]

Download your Copy of the Frog Yoga Alphabet, Games and Teacher Training Manual for hundreds less than a live teacher training.

This 140 page resource is ready for your download right now. Kids yoga teacher training workshops usually retail for over $175 per day. Now you can instantly download the Frog Yoga Alphabet and Teacher Training Manual for just $39.oo (that’s more than 75% savings over live training).

This is a resource that is designed for bringing the gift of yoga to kids for years and years as you continue to hand out the pages to all the children you love.

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No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the Frog Yoga Alphabet and Teacher Training Manual after using the games and coloring pages within 30 days of receiving your training package, just send me an e-mail with a short explanation and I’ll refund your money. That’s how confident I am that this is a resource that you are going to love.

What You Cannot Do – Terms of Use

With this training you can print the pages for your kids and the kids you love and work with as often as you want! Print off the Frog Yoga Alphabet and Activities for party favors, stocking stuffers, end of year classroom gifts – as many and as often as you want. However, to be fair we ask that you agree to use the training for your own use. When you purchase you agree to not share, e-mail, or print off the training package for other teachers or parents to use. If you know another teacher or parent who wants The Frog Yoga Alphabet and Teacher Training Manual, your referrals mean the world to us. Please help us continue to spread yoga for kids by telling them about Young Yoga Masters.