5 Fun Things to do with Stickers in Kids Yoga

cute yoga stickers with cartoon frogs and the words Brave, Steady, Kind, and Calm

Here are 5 Fun Things you can do with Yoga Stickers in Kids Yoga. Stickers also make a great treat to combat all the junk food at Halloween.

The Functional Minds Method of Classroom Management

I took the Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training with Krishna Kaur - a mentor in Yoga for Youth

If you have a rowdy class consider presenting all three Functional Aspects of the Minds for those tough times when you really want to emphasize the class rules. In this pose we look at how the Positive, Negative and Neutral Mind can be applied for classroom management.

Chakras for Kids Yoga

Yoga Frog Shows You the Chakras

How to Teach Anatomy to Children Do you know your kid’s anatomy? To teach kids we recommend a foundation in anatomy about kids and also fun ways to teach anatomy to kids.  We do a day and a half of this in our Kids Yoga Teacher Certification. Yoga Alliance required 10 hours of anatomy training […]

How to do Yoga with Kids, That Is Different Than Yoga for Adults

Adults line up nicely for each activity.

After each Module of Kids Yoga Teacher Training new teachers express their gratitude for the opportunity to train with real kids present. Seeing kids do yoga illuminates the difference between yoga with kids and yoga with adults. Here are some of lessons of doing yoga with real children.

Kids Partner Yoga Tip, Free Webinar Replay, Free Kids Class

The Yoga Match Cards - Great for Concentration Gama and Choosing Partners

Four things today…
1. The Free Kids Yoga Teacher Training Webinar Replay is now live. 2. Free Class for Kids Announcement. 3. Free Kids Partner Yoga Tip. 4. Last Call – to join the NEW weekend of Kids Yoga Teacher Training – What I See, I Can Be.

New, Exciting Changes to Meet Your Needs

Give Kids the Tools of Yoga

A Special Announcement: After receiving numerous requests, I’m putting out the welcome mat on a new Kids Yoga Teacher Training and I’m proud to officially launch the Young Yoga Masters, Registered Children’s Yoga School! Consider these 3 Recommendations to look for in a Kids Yoga Teacher Training.

A Short Kids Yoga Video * Transformation Through Yoga *

Children’s yoga has the power to transform lives. Today, I’m sharing a video I made because I was inspired by the theme of “Transformation through Yoga” and how deeply yoga touches the lives of all, big and small. I suspect your life has been transformed through yoga in a very powerful way too. In the […]

A Challenging Classroom Management Situation – What Would You Do?

That Sweet Child Said What? Imagine a sunny weekday morning at 9:15 am. You’re in a school teaching a thirty minute yoga class to 23 children ages 2 – 6 years old.  You’ve also got two other teachers in the room to assist during the class. About 15 minutes into the class everyone is doing […]

3 Tips for Teaching Kids Yoga That May Not Seem Logical

Kids hopping like a green frog - the Green Theme for St. Patrick's Day

3 Tips for Teaching Kids Yoga That May Not Seem Logical

Hello Song for Young Kids Yoga

After fourteen years I changed my Yoga Hello Song! Listen to the song with this class of twenty students ages 2 – 6 years. It’s a great yoga song to tell children exactly what you want them to do to get ready for yoga. The words and movements are included.